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The Amazing Hat by Christopher Smith

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Christopher is a rising 6th grader at Louisville Collegiate School. Hats are available for purchase in the shop.

Don’t procrastinate, buy your Amazing Hat today!

This unique and stylish hat will enhance even the most mundane day. At a time when most of us are sick and tired of being at home, revive your creativity with this buildable brick hat. These uncanny hats are fun and fashionable for both boys and girls. Even more exciting, they are available in many different colorful hybrid combinations or solids. You’re sure to experience Herculean pride when you model your one of a kind piece. You’ll never feel bored or disconsolate again because your creativity will surpass your wildest imaginations! Designs can be accumulative or anything that you desire. Ignite your extraordinary potential with unlimited artistic combinations made with little stackable bricks. Whether it’s a radical statement or ingenuous picture, there’s no quota on what you can create. You’ll find yourself guffawing with glee as you build your ingenious hats. Just in case you have an epiphany to improvise using other name brand bricks, don’t get agitated because they are incompatible. Instead, embrace the opportunity to be innovative and break up the monotony of your designs. Get yours today and don’t delay because quantities are dwindling fast!

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