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Poppy Grath by Shlok Apani

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Shlok is a rising 6th grader at Meyzeek Middle School in Louisville.

There was a model, her name was Poppy Grath. She was affable to others, but she was very greedy. She robbed a bank but nobody cared. Some people called her ingenuous, people all over the world were satirizing her behavior and then banks all over the world started a riot. Poppy became renown and ran away. While she was in hiding, she prudently thought, what would happen if I kept on robbing banks? I probably would get arrested.” She said her family's doctrine “I will never steal.” To make up with the banks she robbed, she came up with a compromise to never steal and return all the items she bought with the stolen money. She was very gregarious with others and forgot it all happened. She developed very good self esteem.

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