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Night by Alvina Singh

Alvina is a rising 7th Grader at Meyzeek Middle School

The night has many ​facets.

It could be ​sublime​, unforgiving,

Trivial​, ​meek​,

Or ​uncanny.

At first, it may seem eerie,


Lurking in the darkness,

Waiting to ​thwart​ you as you pass.

It will ​agitate ​you.

But don't give into

The fear.

Quell ​that uneasiness,

Let your excitement ​ignite,

And open your eyes,

To the wonders around you.

Look up at the twinkling lights.

Stars billions of miles away,

Penetrating ​the darkness that seems to surround you.

They are a beauty you cannot recreate.

The fireflies,

Lighting up in a pattern only they know.

Twirling around you,

Flying in mindless glory.

The moon shines bright,

Humbly acknowledging your presence.

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