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MOVE! by Bobby Gregory, III

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Bobby is a rising 9th grader at KIPP Collegiate Nashville.

Where should I commence? Our world is very intense.

This society has reached it’s summit of racism.

Personally, I’m tired of all the criticism-

Folks think we have become seditious with uncalled for marching and riots,

but our voice has dwindled over years.

We affably call on the blood-shed to stop;

as we dry Momma’s tears.

Can you hear us now?

Why don’t you comprehend that it didn't start with George Floyd or Breonna Taylor.

We the people need to rise up with vigor.

You ask how did we get here?

Everyone is preoccupied with a complacent type of thinking.

It is time to quell the silence …

Get mad and shout stop the violence.

Make a choice and find your voice,

Time for Radical change,

Time for a Radical Movement,

Move for Justice. Move for Equality

Move for Peace

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