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Frequently Asked Questions


IWe are excited to meet your student and unlock their boundless potential.  Welcome any questions that you may have.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions beyond the FAQ below.  

 01  Where are the classes held?

Due to COVID-19, classes are being held online.  However, we do have a classroom setting available to students in and around Louisville, Kentucky.  While we will continue to offer online classes regardless of COVID-19, when it is safe to return, we will plan to offer classroom sessions on our schedule again.  

 02  What is the earliest age a student can enroll?

We welcome students in K-12.  We are enthusiastic to work with students to make learning fun and engaging from an early age.  We believe kids are never too young to develop a passion for learning!

 03  Why is independent learning important for my child?

The most successful students are those who continually strive to learn.  In addition to strong academic skills in school, additional independent learning helps kids strengthen their skill set.  Our fun and engaging classes help develop the whole student and cultivate a desire to grow strategically, mentally and academically.  

 04  What technology do I need for online classes?

Online classes are taken through an app called Zoom.  Zoom is compatible with smart phones, laptop computers, desktop computers and tablets.  Devices must be equipped with a mic and camera.  Although not required, headphones makes the experience better as well.   

 05  Is there a sibling discount?

Yes!  We are happy to offer a 5% discount for siblings.  

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